A brief pause

I’ve just applied for a job. The process itself was as hideous as these things always are. It was all done online and there were things that were obviously put in because they look good rather than to make the process of completing the application any easier (such as entering a date – instead of just being able to type ’22/01/2015′ or selecting from a calendar, you had to select each individual part of it – day then month then year. For each entry. When you have had as many jobs as I have, that’s a lot of extra hassle…)

However, that wasn’t the reason why I have written this entry. While filling in the ‘Equality Monitoring Form’, I was given the option of being either male, female or transgender. I think this is the first time I’ve ever come across this. And I was slightly unsure what to put down for a moment- male or transgender. I eventually chose male, because that is what I would be at work (at least, as male as I ever get anyway). I also suspect that they actually mean transsexual. Just for a moment, though, I thought ‘oooh, if I got this job, I could go to work as Ellen…’

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