Hello Facebook!

If this all goes right, then you should be seeing this on Facebook. Hello all my Facebook friends! It is really weird, but Stephen has far less interest in using Facebook than Ellen does. What can I say, as Ellen I’m just desperate for attention…


I’ve gone and joined all the cool kids! Rather than wasting my own webspace hosting all my pictures here, I’ve made a Tumblr and put them all there. They are shown on the sidebar on the right. As you can no doubt see. The direct link is here but you … Continue reading

A brief pause

I’ve just applied for a job. The process itself was as hideous as these things always are. It was all done online and there were things that were obviously put in because they look good rather than to make the process of completing the application any easier (such as entering … Continue reading


I am catching up with some of the blogs I read and came across this post from the utterly wonderful Mary Robinette Kowal. It is an utterly beautiful that I just wanted to share: http://maryrobinettekowal.com/journal/dress-made-cover-noble-family/

Four Letters

This is a short film that was passed on to me by my wonderful friend, Lesley. I found it really moving. It is so horrible and sad that people who are in love with each other aren’t allowed to be together as they want to be. Four Letters from UO … Continue reading

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