A Short Welcome

I crossdress


Therefore I am a crossdresser


In Latin, that’s probably something like: Transvestum, ergo transvestitum. But, then again, I know about as much Latin as I do Russian. And that’s not much.


So. I am a transvestite; an eonist; an inbetweenie; a t-girl; a transgendered person; a sufferer of gender dysphoria; a gender bender; a gender blender; a tranny; a TV; a CD.


Interesting, isn’t it, how the last three seem to correspond to three different sorts of electrical equipment. What’s next? A PC? What could that mean? Well, it could be old-fashioned – a Petticoat Collector. Or how about an exotic meaning – a Prettified Caballero, perhaps?. The important question in all of this is, of course… what would DVD mean?


All this stuff is, of course, completely contradicted elsewhere… But then, where would we be if we couldn’t contradict ourselves. But, hell, it’s just here as an introductory text piece. It’s not as if it’s going to tell you the meaning of life or anything. This is here because I thought that this page was starting to look a bit dull with just the links on it. I wanted a bit of text again. The last page that was here, with all of it’s umm-ing and ahh-ing wasn’t very good. This one probably isn’t much better, but I don’t care!

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